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LA Street art photography with Maggie and Aimee

I have traveling by myself down to an art: from US highways to the English countryside to Japanese railways to New Zealand beaches — it’s all second nature by now.   When I adopted Maggie, she fit in seamlessly into my traveling life, as if she’d already learned the art of travel in her time as a stray.  Or maybe it’s… Read more →

Adventures with Maggie and Whistle

We are so excited to begin a monthly video series titled Adventures with Maggie in Partnership with Whistle. Maggie rose above her humble origins at the Los Angeles city shelter to become a working animal actor in movies, TV, and print media. Now she’s trying to change the world for working dogs. She’s the inspiration and soul of ‘Working Like… Read more →

….ayumi hamasaki last angel pv….

The full version of my mum’s video (pv), Last Angel, with Ayumi Hamasaki just came out!!! We are so happy, we ran around the house and hugged lots!  You guys have seen lots of behind the scene photos, now time for the real thing! Here it is… help us, bark about it….FacebookPinterestTwitterTumblrRedditemail Read more →