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Today, we’ll embark (emphasis on bark) on our journey to find the tastiest dog snacks.  Our starting point is a treat that’s totally new to us: Stewart Pro-Treat Freeze-Dried Treats.  Maggie wanted to try them because with ‘pro’ in the name, she thinks they’re made for professional working dogs like herself.  She wants some ego with her treats.  And as you see Rocky wanted some as well. 


Stewart Pro-Treats come in lots of flavors of animal liver which provides many health benefits: pork liver, chicken liver, beef liver, lamb liver, turkey liver and duck liver, and for dogs who like things woolly and wild, bison.  I chose beef liver, because Maggie is allergic to chicken, fish treats can be iffy (and icky-smelling) but liver is usually a safe bet.  

Because these treats are freeze-dried, they’ll last a long time, won’t dry out in my treat pouch (they’re already dry!), are easy to break apart, and are a healthy dose of protein and fiber.  Freeze-drying food leaves the nutrients intact and there’s no need for additives like corn syrup or trans fats.  Those things are as bad for our pets as they are for us.


Ok, so here we go.  Maggie?  Maggie!   The treat was gone so fast, I’m not sure I even gave it to her.  Another one?   Whoosh.  We’ve arrived at a verdict:  Maggie absolutely LOVES these.  

And I love them too.  I can break them up into tiny pieces, dole them out in minuscule amounts, and it’s like Christmas to Maggie.  This means the bag will last a long time, and Maggie’s enthusiasm to work for treats will never wane.  There’s nothing sticky or messy, not on the floor or on my fingers or on Maggie’s cute face.  This keeps Maggie looking back to me for her next training command than licking the floor for the remnants.


Another great use for freeze-dried treats is to crush them and sprinkle on top of less-appetizing, healthy dog kibble.  If you have a picky eater, or a junk-food junkie, or an older dog, this can be a godsend.  I’ll definitely keep these in mind for the next time I have a client’s dog that’s not eating their regular food.

The Stewart Pro-Treats are going straight to my list of most reliable treats.  These are real-food, healthy, user-friendly treats that are suitable for dogs of all ages and sizes.  I’m sure all dogs will love them as much as Maggie loves them.

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Available flavors:

Beef Liver

100% Pure Beef Liver

Pork Liver

100% Pure Pork Liver

Chicken Liver

100% Pure Chicken Liver

Lamb Liver

100% Pure Lamb Liver

Duck Liver

100% Pure Duck Liver

Bison Liver

100% Pure Bison Liver

Turkey Liver

100% Pure Turkey Liver

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