Stewart pure freeze dried dog food patties review

You might remember that Maggie recently gave a glowingly positive review to Stewart Pet Treats.  She loved them so much, we decided to give Stewart’s freeze-dried food a try. We are very picky on what we try and give honest feedback. We are not paid to review these treats so this is our honest opinion.


The timing was perfect as we were traveling to Florida to Global Pet Expo, as freeze dried foods take up much less room than her kibble.  If you don’t know about Global, it’s a huge international pet product expo where you can check out what’s hot in products ranging from aquarium rocks to dog strollers.  This is their chance to get noticed by pet retail outlets and to catch the attention of animal-world bloggers.  


As you might imagine, Global has an expansive bazaar of dog treats.  Maggie was overwhelmed with offers of free samples, but the fact is, she’s picky about her treats and food.  And while I was quite apologetic when I discovered she’d stolen a toy from the R2P Pet booth, it wasn’t anywhere near the embarrassment I felt every time a kind person offered her a treat and she spit it out.  That’s not the encouragement you want when you’re starting a dog treat business, but there’s something about being a dog that you can’t train out of a dog.

At night, we’d go back to the hotel room where I’d break out the Stewart freeze-dried food — which is so easy and convenient to pack — add a little water, and Maggie was a very happy dog.  I didn’t have to worry about Maggie’s food sensitivities as Stewart’s doesn’t contain chicken or peas.  I admit I’d brought along some of Maggie’s regular kibble in case she didn’t like the Stewart’s, but that container went untouched because she loved the Stewart’s so much. I honestly haven’t seen her this excited about any food in a long time, I’m almost as excited about this food as she is because of that. 

Stewart’s Raw Naturals Freeze-Dried Patties are excellent for traveling dogs, and also really convenient for home use as a meal, as a topper, or even broken up as a treat.  Highly recommended.


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