puppy cupcakes? uh yes please!

It’s a rare day when I beg my mum for anything besides an in-n-out burger, but it happens… occasionally.

Today I woke up and had one thing on my mind… CUPCAKES!!! I must of dreamt of being a cupcake or being friends with a cupcake. None the less, I wanted one which bring me to today rant of yummy cupcakes.

Sprinkles sells some YUMMY yummy doggy cupcakes. Mum said they are kinda pricey so these we cut in tiny pieces and I have to make it last a week.

Three Dog Bakery has tons of doggy cupcakes, I might just have to get mum to chauffeur me there today. I’ve actually never been, which is quite strange because we are Facebook friends and all. BUT, I can vouch for them because to the best of my knowledge they actually make the Sprinkles “doggy” cupcakes. They have also had treats at many of the events I go to, mostly the Pussy and Pooch ones. And I can say I do love them! Especially the treats with lots of frosting, don’t worry its just yogurt!

You might wonder how I am such a cupcake connoisseur, well for one I have an amazing nose and can basically taste all my mums cupcakes without even eating them! Mum drags me all over town to tons of cupcake stores so I have seen it all, and occasionally if a piece falls on the floor I try my best to snatch it.

There is one “people” cupcake I love the most, Madison’s Cakes and Cupcakes, I may be biased because she can make them to look like ANYTHING (even cats, so I can eat a cat!) but mum also says they taste the best in all of LA! And course I LOVE the ones that looks like dogs, the cats are good too! Mum says of all the cupcakes we get, and we spend more on cupcakes than natural balance dog food, that these taste the most home made… probably because they are! (she also said they are much more reasonably priced and better tasting then some of the fancy stores). I like em’ best when Madison herself makes me a custom doggy cupcake that I can eat. No, I’m not spoiled just lucky.

So before I drag mum out to get get us some cupcakes, how about I show you some photos of Madison’s Cupcakes to get you nice and hungry too?!?!

A mut and a Beagle

a cupcake dog park

a cupcake dog park

Pink Lemonade Cupcakes!

Pink Lemonade Cupcakes!

Its not a dog but it sure is yummy and pretty.

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  1. October 1, 2011 at 8:13 pm

    those look delicious! it must be hard to wait for your pic before you can eat them – you’re a good girl. love the one that looks like you

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