Products we love

The products we use in our home

I get a lot of questions on products, to make it easier to reply to those I sat and down and made a list of our favorite items for our top asked about categories.

I’m very picky on what I give my dogs, after lots of research and discussions with their care team of vets we make sure they eat healthy, have treats they gobble up and love (even picky Maggie), and toys they love and last in our household of guest dogs too.

I’m excited to share with you part of the items that consist in our daily regime:


We can never have enough toys in our house. I love to hide some toys and keep rotating them, that keeps them exciting and fun!

Toys for Puppies

Puppies love to chew on things, it’s important we give them toys to help stimulate good behavior on items we want them to chew on, toys instead of our nice couch.

Num Num’s


Probiotics + Oil’s

Both dogs are on probiotics. Puppies should be on them daily in my opinion as they love to put dirty things in their mouths and we need to keep them healthy. Probiotics have a ton of health effects for dogs. just like they do for us. Maggie is on them 3-5x a week to keep her gut healthy and stool formed. If either dog has an upset tummy I give double the dose that day and the following day. Here’s our favorites:

Grooming, Cleaning, & DNA / Health tests

Having poodle mixes I get a lot of questions on how my dogs smell nice and don’t have knots, here are our top products we use to them them tangle free, keeping their smiles bright, and their paws clean.

Enrichment Puzzles & Games

For the Home

For the Human (and gifts for pet lovers)

More coming soon…

If you don’t see what you’re looking for send us a message!


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