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Being Geek Chic • Lady Geek of the Week: Nicole EllisBeing Geek Chic is a blog for chic nerds. Whether its books, film trilogies, crafts, LEGO, Harry Potter, Katniss Everdeen, PS3, photography – if you geek out about it – then we celebrate and make it chic here.



Hollywood’s Doggy Starlet | Rising Stars | OZY Meet one of Hollywood’s snobbiest canine stars — in the fur.


ObserverHow to get your dog into Showbiz


Tips From a Trainer: How to Get Your Dog Into Showbiz | Observer Does your dog have the face for TV? Here’s how to train your pup (and yourself) to stand out from crowd and make it big in showbiz.



ExaminerSaftey Tips for Dog Swimming at Beaches

Safety tips for dogs swimming at San Diego’s dog beaches | Examiner.comWith high temps and dry weather, pup-parents may be clamoring to take their dogs for an ideal afternoon at one of San Diego’s dog beaches.


PopSugarTips for Flying with Dogs


Tips For Flying With Dogs | POPSUGAR Pets Before we know it, Summer will be upon us, which obviously means vacation time! If you’re one of those families who takes your dog along wherever you go, we have some handy tips for if your travel includes a plane. DogVacay’s resident pet expert Nicole



PopsugarTaking Dogs as Cargo on Planes

Taking Dogs as Cargo on Planes | POPSUGAR Pets Before you know it, your next vacation will be here, and you definitely don’t want to leave your beloved big dog behind. While bringing a small dog on a plane is fairly easy, there’s a bit more that goes into bringing a big dog and checking him as cargo.


LA TimesWhy Dogs Make The Perfect Stand-Up Paddle-Boarding Buddies

Why dogs make the perfect stand-up paddle-boarding buddies – LA Times Stand-up paddle-boarding with a dog can be more than just a fun thing to do on the water. It can be euphoric.


ZiptopiaDogs Deserve Vacations Too

DogVacay Says Dogs Deserve Vacations Too | Ziptopia When a dog becomes part of your family, it’s not easy leaving it behind when you’re away. Pet hotels can be as pricey as their human counterparts, and kennels can be a crapshoot in terms of how your dog will react to his or her new environment. 


OysterHow to Fly with Your Pet

How to Fly with Your Pet and Not Have It Be the Worst Experience of Your Life | There’s nothing better than traveling with a best friend, but when it comes to traveling with man’s best friend, things can get a bit trickier. How do you make sure they’re comfortable? Which countries can they go to? Are they safe? And to make things more complicated, airlines like Delta have recently changed their pet travel policies. These questions and changes can make flying with a pet stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. About 500,000 pets fly every year in the U.S., so it’s totally doable, you just need to know a few things. That’s why Oyster reached out to an expert at leading pet-sitting community DogVacay.


TodayJuly 4th fireworks: Tips to protect your dog or cat

July 4th fireworks: Tips to protect your dog or cat from Jackson Galaxy, pet experts – “My Cat From Hell” star Jackson Galaxy and other experts share smart tips to keep your pets safe during Fourth of July fireworks.


Good House Keeping – How to keep your pets cool in hot weather

How to keep your pets cool in hot weather – Good Housekeeping It’s important to ensure your furry friends are kept cooling during the Summer otherwise they’re at risk of overheating, and heat stroke. Here’s some simple ways to keep your pets safe.


MSN12 Ways to Keep Your Pet Cool in the Summer

12 Ways to Keep Your Pet Cool in the Summer Plus, how to spot signs of heat stroke.


Bicycling– Find The Best Dog for Your Riding Style 

Find the Best Dog for Your Bike Ride | Bicycling Want a dog you can ride with? Here are the breeds to consider based on your riding style.


ABCHoliday Travel: Should Fido Stay or Go

Holiday Travel: Should Fido Stay or Go? – ABC News Holiday Travel: Should Fido Stay or Go?


MashableHow to travel safely with your pet this holiday season

How to travel with pets this holiday season Whether you’re hitting the road or taking to the skies.” data-page-subject=”true” name=”description


PetziblogDog Home Alone? Nicole Ellis Shares Tips on How to Help You and Your Dog

Petziblog: Dog Home Alone? Nicole Ellis shares tips on how to help you and your dog


Pet360Hanging with Celebrity Dogs 

Hanging with Celebrity Dogs at the DogVacay Winter Holiday Party – Pet360 Pet Parenting Simplified


Travel and Leisure – How to Travel With Pets

How to Travel With Pets | Travel + Leisure The best tips and tricks for traveling with your dog (or cat!).


Huffington PostThe Best and Worst Thanksgiving Foods to Share with Your Dog

The Best And Worst Thanksgiving Foods To Share With Your Dog


LA TimesDogVacay launches new service for cat owners that need pet sitters

DogVacay launches new service for cat owners who need pet sitters – LA Times You’re traveling. Fluffy can’t come along. CatVacay can match you with a sitter.


Newsweek13 Companies People Are Truly Happy To Work For

13 Companies That People Are Truly Happy to Work For What’s the most important thing in life? Well, answers vary, but “happiness” is a pretty darn popular one.


Yahoo–  9 Tips for Traveling With Your Pet in 2016

9 Tips for Traveling With Your Pet in 2016 – Yahoo News From Yahoo News: Planning a trip with pets can be tricky: While new policies and perks are making it easier than ever to check in with four-legged friends, getting from point A to B can still be hassle-prone and pricey. Plus, you should evaluate other practical matters, such as if your pet will have trouble getting acclimated to a new environment and whether you’ll have easy access to pet relief areas and dog- and cat-friendly attractions once you arrive at your destination. “With auto travel, it’s a cliché, but failure to plan is planning to fail,” says KC Theisen, director of pet care issues for The Humane Society of the United States.


BustleCatVacay Cat Sitter Service Means Planning Vacations Just Got Way Easier For Cat Owners Everywhere

The Dodo10 Questions You Should Always Ask Your Petsitter

The Dodo –  Why The Fourth of July Is The Most Dangerous Day For Dogs

Country Living9 Ways to Help Your Dog Cope with Fireworks

Women’sDay12 Ways to Keep Your Pet Cool in the Summer

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