In-N-Out Burgers Makes a Dogs Day

In our house, we have very strict food rules for both Maggie and I. The only treats Maggie gets are K9 Bro’s  because of their health benefits, few ingredients, and also because Maggie really loves them. When it comes to treats, Maggie is incredibly picky and often turns up her nose. As for human food, I don’t offer it to her,… Read more →

Dogs of Badminton Horse Trials

Yes, I know. It’s the Badminton Horse Trials. But the truth is, dogs outnumber horses on the grounds of Badminton House on the competition weekend. The overarching theme is country, as in United Kingdom countryside, with every shape and form of native breed on display at the end of someone’s leash. Terriers, pointers, setters, spaniels, lurchers (go look it up,… Read more →

Packing is overrated

and so I decided that Maggie could just as well pack for me. My friends are stressing out for me that I haven’t packed yet, I never really pack till a few hours before a flight. I have so much time I have decided to let Maggie do the packing for me. I grew up jet setting by myself across the globe… Read more →

Maggie explores dog friendly Nashville, TN with Whistle

Recently, Maggie and I were invited to perform a training demonstration for the patients and staff at the Monroe Carroll, Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt in Nashville, Tennessee. We invited our friend Aimee to tag along as our lovely assistant, and after Maggie had high-fived just about everyone in the Vanderbilt community, the three of us went out to explore… Read more →

My adoption story with Maggie

I met Maggie 5 years ago at the North Central Animal Shelter in Los Angeles. She rescued me and furever changed my life that day. Maggie poses for the camera, tells jokes, does cartwheels and updates her Facebook page. Okay, that’s not all true, but she really does have a fantastic personality and a Facebook page with more friends than… Read more →