on set of dog rescue

I recently got to work on a independent film called dog rescue. It’s a crazy film with lots of special effects. I even got my own stunt double… a stuffed animal, in case you were wondering.

This was a special filming for two reasons. One being that my boyfriend wall-e got to be in the film too. He only knows a few things but did really really well, I’m still teaching him my skills. The second reason was the money we pup’s made we donated to our friend Petal’s foundation. Petal was in the film too!

Petal, and her mum, rescue dogs from the shelter that have a hope at an excellent life… if that got some medical attention. And then the foundation takes the money and helps heal the pups so they can be adopted too. We were all proud to donate our doggy dollars to a great cause like this. Petla’s mum also teaches a great dog CPR and first aid class ever month, I think all dog owners should take it… not to mention you get a fancy bag filled with goodies you will need in an emergency! You can read more about Petal’s foundation and First aid class here at Petal The Dog.

Here are some photos from set!

On my mark…
On my mark

On set we use our crates a lot… wall-e and I decided to share…crates

Mum telling me to stay while soccer players stepped over me


help us, bark about it....
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