oh movie stars…animal ones that is

There are so many famous stars I want to meet! Just as I’m sure you have your favorite celebrities I have mine. My mum i so lucy she get’s to work with a bunch of them but she never takes me, she didn’t even bring me back of pawtograph last time I asked for one, ugh.

This lucky bear got to star in a Build-a-bear commercial, I would love to work with him… heck, I would be happy just to meet him. I can’t believe my mum has not made this happen yet, I bet she never even mentions me. But there’s no hiding it I can smell when she’s been working around him. She did let me know that he is friends with the Lion in this ad as well! Amazing!


Here is my mum and one of my idols as you saw above in the commercial…

Animals sure like working with my mum

Animals sure like working with my mum

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