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Doing our book, Please Don’t Pet Me, I have learned about so many dog hero’s it just blows my little mind. And meeting them in person is even greater than you can imagine.

So this is Bear. Bear is a German Shepard that his handler rescued from the shelter (just like me!), but bear was on the list to be euthanized, can you believe that? Bear weights in at 180lbs, I’m pretty sure I’m about the size of his head.

Well, Bear’s owner was surprised when Bear started to recognize her seizures before that would happen. A self trained service dog…. amazing. Us dogs have some amazing insghts, don’t we? Recently she tried to leave her home and Bear tried his best to stop her, but she insisted she was fine, only to collapse a few feet farther on the front steps while having a seizure.

Bear began to run from door to door of each house, till he found of all things an animal control van. The driver read his tags reading he is seizure alert dog and knew something was wrong and followed him back to find his handler unconscious on the ground. Bear stayed by her side, like always, in the ambulance to make sure she was okay.

Bear does other tasks like bringing her medicine for her. I must say Bear is quite the hero.

To read more about bear, click here

Next up… Who is ready to see some photos from the first shoot days???!!! I’ll post some in the next week for sure! If you are in LA expect to be hearing your shoot date in the next two weeks!

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  1. June 7, 2011 at 1:37 pm

    Wow- what an incredible dog. Way to go Bear!! 🙂

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