mcdonald’s employee punches service dog owner in the face

a lot of people wonder, a dog doing a book, why? well theres lots of reasons, my mum, Brandise, and I love photos, we love dogs, and we love meeting new people.

But most of all these dogs are my heros, they recuse people, help people, make people smile, stop seizures, give independence and well make peoples lives easier all around. But not everyone knows about service and working dogs. And since they don’t know about dogs I want to educate them on the rules of service dogs. That they can go anywhere, they aren’t pets, not to pet them, etc..

Well I think this one McDonald’s manager needs our book badly. He obviously didnt know the rules, he actually told the handler (who was accompanied by her autistic son) to leave the store. After she explained that she is allowed in there, he followed her to the bathroom and then proceeded to punch her in the face.

I know a lot of people that have had confrontations when out with their SD’s but people just don’t know, right? Well punching someone in the face… thats absolutely horrible and uncalled for. None the less this person no longer is a manager or even employee of McDonalds. I sure hope he knows his ADA laws now.

You can read the entire article here and you can learn more about my working dog book at the link above.

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