it’s mah birthday…

and my mum can cry if she wants to. Okay she not crying..I lied, she’s just stressed and perplexed at the moment and has a lot going on.

At least my friend wall-e is here to play with me lots.

I told mum to think of all the awesome things that make her happy.
like for me that would be…
laser pointers
in-n-out burgers
running in the snow
chasing birds!
when mum and I drive along and we all howl together
seeing my favorite people and jumping on them
laying in beds at hospitals and hearing stories of peoples favorite pets

I told mum maybe she needs to think more about these things and less about nonsense and work…
seeing christmas trees through windows
not making plans
when she thinks shes out of chocolate bar pieces and then she finds one more piece
the moment of anticipation before a kiss… from me of course!
big ice cubes
the moon
the sound of rain on sidewalk
wearing wigs
the smell of a freshly cleaned bridle
gizmo’s paws
jumping on hotel beds
hugging someone you have really missed
2am dinners
the little gas arrow in rental cars (and reg cars too)
when your plugged up nostrils suddenly open and you can breathe.
when master plans work out just as they were planned
staying up all night with your best friend
looking at photos
when it rains in la
hugging mickey mouse

she’s sure to spend some more time with me now! I hear she may even be booking me a trip to Canada! I’m gonna miss my in-n-out.

Okay off to find where mum hid my cake… she must of got me one… right?

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