hero narayanan krishnan

My human great grandmother always tells me there are two types of people in this world, those who love animals and those who don’t.  That a persons skin color, age, background, religious, beliefs, sexual preferences any many other traits don’t really matters. My mum constantly reminds me of this.

I love people. Every person I meet, I really do love, even though I can tell some aren’t as excited to see me as others.

Recently I wrote about all my dog heros, but I never mentioned people, I saved that for now. I truly look up to people that care about others the way I do. There are people who put the needs of others above helping themselves get farther. It takes a special person to do such a thing as most people care about getting themselves the nicest things possibly before reaching out to others. I dont really care if you have a nice house or live in a tin can. I care if your smiling or crying or what your simpling thinging about today.

We see a lot of sadness now a days, on tv, on the streets around our home, in the papers, in commercials, so a person shines even greater in my world when I get touched by someone like this man, Narayanan Krishnan. I highly suggest you watch this video and see the huge amount of kindness he is filled with.

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