hero guide dogs

Everyone has a hero. Even being a superhero I have a quite a few heros, the majority of my list is composed of the animals that make every day life better and easier. There are so many types of working animals and they do it to make our world a better place for either one person or for all of us. They are my heros.

My mum and Brandise Danesewich, from Project Runway and Moheak radio, are starting work on a project involving working dogs very soon. More info coming up, but I will tell you it’s super great!

Seeing eye dogs have such an amazing job that they do, just think they work every day, protecting their handler from so many elements like other animals, people, cars, sidewalks, stairs. Even more incredible those dogs have to be able to recognise which areas their handler can fit into/under/around. I would deffinetly walk my mum into a tree or two thats for sure.

Here is a touching commercials about finding guide dogs, or er guide humans. BOL.

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