fontana doggy dip day

I can go for walks anyday, heck I can go to a party most weeks but its very rare that I get invited to go swimming at a public facility. The Fontana Park Aquatic Center shut down their facility… heated up 3 pools and invited all the dogs in! It was only $3 (that included my mum too) and was a great deal. I had so much fun!

It was a very unqiue event that we never saw before, Vanessa from See Spot Run LA brought my friend Rupert along as well. Rupert did not really enjoy the water as much as well most of the other dogs but he gave it a try. Rupert did however enjoy all the free dog treats we got… and there we lot’s!

There was an awesome demonstation by K9 police teams and as well by the Splash Dogs long jump team. They also provided life vests for those dogs that were not masters of the doggy paddle or that just wanted to float.

I entered the best trick talen show, we were the first to go and mum was too busy being nervous about my shivering and trying to keep me warm to concentrate too much but I got on stage and took care of business and won a first place!!! Mum was very very proud. We won a huge bag of some dog food that looks amazing as well as some pawsome tennis balls and clippers tickets! I got to hump my mum on stage, give a few high 5’s, spin in some circles and finish it off with a handstand. Ta-da!

It was a bit cold out but mum and Vanessa packed us lots of towels, too. I can’t wait to go back next year… hopefully the sun will make an appearance then too.


trying to keep warm after our dip in the pool

warm as a ... duck?

warm as a ... duck?

Can't wait to eat my winnings

can't wait to eat my winnings!

It was a dog gone good day all around!

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  1. Bethie
    January 10, 2011 at 8:11 pm

    sounds like sooooooooooooo much fun! You look so CUTE in your ducky towel and standing up like a big tall girl! XOXOXOXOXXO If I ever get out to LA I want to make meeting you & your sweet Mommy a PRIORITY! I have friends at Disney still from my days working there. I am forwarding your info to them… keep your paws crossed little one! Ya never know!!! :oD <3

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