fancy living

So I thought I had it good, you see there are three dog beds in the living room where I live. So that means when we don’t have my friends over for sleep overs I have the choice of three beds. Pretty crazy if you ask me.

That was until I saw this blog that did a special on dog houses, an entire house for a dog? One even includes a private front yard. Wow, I have truly been missing out. Imagine.. for just a moment…a front yard that I could decide when I wanted to let me cat sister in or out of. BOL.

I need a sponsor. And a contractor to build me one.

Here’s the blog, so you too can dream like me, Expensive homes for dogs.

help us, bark about it....
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  1. December 8, 2010 at 2:30 am

    Hi Maggie! Don’t we all wish our pets can have those luxuries.. =D

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