every music video needs a dog…

especially a white fluffy one that looks like a sheep. My mum just wrapped filming a PV, I guess it’s a music video of sorts, for Ayumi Hamasaki. I am sure that the video could of gotten a spot for a dog in it. I’m so upset I have not left my dog bed all morning.

Instead I was left home for such a long time, well I guess my dog loving human friends did come visit me, but still. I should of had my own dressing room right next to Ayumi’s. I would of even done a custom dog trick for her.

I tried to photo shop myself in to one of my mum’s photos, but she closed the computer on me. Don’t worry though, I will still send Ayumi an invite to appear in my next video, if she wants to. I still like her.

My mum and Ayumi on set!

My mum on set with Ayumi Hamasaki filming the Love Song PV

I hope my mum got me a huge bone for all this alone time. See you on set soon Ayumi!

help us, bark about it....
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