dogs make awesome roommates, cause silence is one of a kind

I’ve lived with roommates, I’ve lived with boyfriends and now it’s just Maggie and I.  Dogs make awesome room mates.

I grew up jet setting by myself so maybe that’s tied to why I like being alone.  Don’t get me wrong, it gets lonely for sure. The way I see it though is that there is a huge difference between the act of being lonely and actually being alone. And being lonely can be crappy. But with days filled with adventures, planes, airports, playlists, writing, photo taking, and my dog those days are a bit spread out

It’s slightly hard for me to understand that this probably isn’t how everyone is. It’s wonderful to have people over, absolutely wonderful, more so when they understand that when I’m reading or working, I probably don’t care to communicate at that exact moment.  I would love if someone fit on par and understands my need to travel, and need to be a recluse locked, in front of my screen for hours to read and write and escape…

Today I went to visit my parents, and while we have a unique relationship, I found myself saying I was getting lunch and after picking up food instead of returning, I parked blocks away and sat with kindle in lap so incredibly happy. As I know that the idea of sitting and eating silently would end in an argument, as they try to create a conversation that isn’t going well. So silence, I picked silence and it was great. My dad does not understand the idea of space or that he’s not the top priority. So every empty breath of air is filled with question after question. And that in itself is exhausting.

And yet, at home the dog sits with me or often sits in a dog bed or my bed by herself, looks at me with those caring brown eyes saying she gets it, she would rather work from bed half naked too. And when it’s time to play we have the most epic dance party ever, we jump and we spin and roll on the floor. We explore our city on late night walks and fall asleep upon our drawings of wireframes, leash write ups and notebooks as smiles slowly fade off away.

And while having a dog surely doesn’t replace a human, it does make things a lot less lonely. Cause we all want to feel loved and snuggle up to someone at night.



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