dog modeling

I am spending the next few weeks photographing service dogs in Los Angeles with my mum, Nicole Ellis, and Brandise Danesewich from Project Runway and Models of the Runway. I am hoping that maybe I can sneak in some photos of me too. But if not I’ll be there to give my support and paws up to all the other dogs.

I think I better start to practice my poses in case I do get 5 mins for a photo… or if anyone needs some advice.

Mum is out, I’m gonna sneak a peak at her modeling book and see what I can copy. Sshhh, don’t tell her.

easy enough lie on the floor and look up. got it!

Photo: Jeremy Goldberg

Okay, feet even, put on my glasses, look mad… easy enough

Photo:Paige Craig

Hummm… hair gel, check. I think I need a new dress… anyone have one?

Photo: Craig Owen

I am going to have to spin in some very fast circles to get my ears to fly like my mum’s hair in this photo.

Photo:Luke Duval

I think I am prepared to conquer the camera this week!

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