Dog Artist on Instagram

The dog world is wonderful, crazy, energetic planet populated by passionate, inspiring, caring humans and their equally amazing dogs.  I could write a book (maybe even a multi-volume set) on the things I’ve learned from my Adventures with Maggie, from personal growth to eye-opening events. But every adventure that Maggie takes me on, it seems it’s the people that surprise me the most.  People who dedicate their lives to make sure animals have a comfortable place to sleep at night.  People who train service dogs and rehome war dogs.  People who take their unique skills and apply them to showcasing the unique bonds between people and their pets. Today’s post falls into that last category.

Rocky and Maggie

Recently, I came upon a local Los Angeles artist who draws pups and found myself totally enthralled, scrolling through each image.  The artist, who is incredible and volunteers at NKLA in her free time, simply draws the dogs of her followers, choosing any one of them at random.   Luckily for me, she did one of Rocky and Maggie. Now that I’ve spammed just about all my friends with text messages alerting them, I decided to post about this awesome art on the blog for a wider audience. 

If you’re a pet lover on Instagram definitely check out her drawings and follow her, and maybe your pet will be featured, too! 


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