cats and the complexity of petting

I will admit that I have cat sister, but she’s really strange.  I think she wishes she was a dog, she plays fetch, hits a mark, comes on cue but at the end of the day she still purrs and has a cat-itude.

Maybe it’s just me but cat’s sure confuse me and I have a lot of cat friends. One moment my cat, gizmo, and I are chasing each other all over the house having a great time then suddenly she stops and what does she do? She hits me in the face! This is a regular occurrence and I am getting used to it. But seriously… what sort of creature does this sort of thing. Dogs just love you, no matter what. We don’t randomly hit you. And we dont make a strange sound when we are happy, we make it very obviously by an over the top tail wag.

Do cats come with instruction manuals when you get one from the cat fairy? If not they should.

I found this very fascinating instruction book on the proper way to pet a cat. I think everyone who owns a cat should read it, so that you do not get hit in the face like I do. Thank you to the oatmeal for providing this and saving cat owners faces everywhere.

Enjoy it here… how to pet a kitty!

and now everyone meet gizmo the cat…

gizmo and nicole

gizmo and my mum

gizmo in sink

cat in a sink... strange

  2 Replies to “cats and the complexity of petting”

  1. Karen
    December 27, 2010 at 4:28 pm

    haha naughty rascal gizmo!! I LOVE the oatmeal. Infact, I
    bought that poster and plan to have it framed (xmas present to
    self) for the wall at home. hee hee. people and puppies need to
    know how to pet a kitty!!

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