cats….agility… same sentence? Yes sir!

Yes thats right… cats can do agility! I know… don’t fall off your chair, its quite silly. I LOVE doing agility! Did you see my agility video? But I don’t know if I could concentrate watching cats doing agility.

I wonder if gizmo would jump some jumps for a laser pointer? Maybe my friend Koko would? Or Chairman Meow? I know my my friend Chairman Mao Jr in Canada definitely would not do this!

This is Chairman Mao Jr from Canada….

Chairman Mao Jr

Chairman Mao Jr

And now the much anticipated… cat agility…

help us, bark about it....
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  One Reply to “cats….agility… same sentence? Yes sir!”

  1. Jane Cook
    February 16, 2011 at 6:54 pm

    Maggie, I think dogs and cats are motivated by different things! I don’t think Koko would do agility for a laser, but he might for belly rubs.

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