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Posts that make Maggie’s tail wag.

Nashville again…

We always end up in Nashville. It’s becoming our home away from home. With each visit, we fall more in love with the culture, our Nashville friends, the music, and just being on the road. On our last trip to Nashville, we volunteered at the Monroe Carell Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt University. If you didn’t get a chance to see… Read more →

We are all uncool project

Social media is a funny thing.  We are so grateful for all of the friends and connections Maggie and I have made due to social media.  Our circles of friendship and support would be much smaller without social media.  But the internet definitely isn’t our whole or ‘real’ life, and I admit social media can turn even a charmed life… Read more →

Maggie’s Puppy Bowl

Apparently it’s Super Bowl Sunday. Go team! I’m not a huge football fan, sorry. So Maggie and I will be spending our morning volunteering with some pretty special kids and plan to celebrate the afternoon romping on the beach with Rocky, as we presume most people will be watching TV meaning a private beach session for us! Maggie will be trying… Read more →

Treats, num nums, burgers: our adventures in seeking the tastiest dog treats

Maggie looooves her treats. But with a dog like Maggie, it’s never that simple. My little rescue mutt has refined tastes and is very picky. When other dogs are begging, barking and gobbling, she’ll turn her nose up and drop the treat on the ground. (Fortunately, she’s not at all selective about tennis balls; she loves them all equally.) I… Read more →