calling all working dogs

Are you a working dog? If so my mum wants to speak you, and your handler. We are so proud to know you and are working on a special project, with Brandise Danesewich,from Project Runway and Moheak radio.

Please send my mum a message to with the following info,
1.Your name
2. Your handlers name
3. What city and state you live in
4. A way to contact you – preferable email and phone.
5. (Optional) If you want to include what type of service dog you are that would be great. But that is totally at your free will to give.

We are looking for every-type of working dog.. ie- Search and rescue, signal, epileptic, seeing-eye, anxiety, etc

All of this information will be kept completely private and given to absolutely no one!

For more information and frequently asked questions click here.

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