April b’days are grand!

Last week was my b’day. Incredibly lucky to spend it surrounded by amazing conversations and people and animals I admire and love.

And completely surprised with cards, messages, smorgasbord of strawberries, and more. Hint for future: Don’t send someone that lives alone 40+ chocolate strawberries, I don’t have many friends.

nicole bday

But, better yet the week before was our good friend Colin’s b’day. Last year Maggie sent a photo but she demanded we had to one up ourselves this year. We aren’t too competitive, except with ourselves, so this only made sense to do. I think you should always strive to do better, be a better person, beat your last score, time, etc. Alas, Maggie made a video in a few minutes. Happiest birthday to one of the coolest kids we know.  In case you don’t follow us on instagram

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