and sometimes people surprise you with kindness

If you don’t live in Los Angeles, we had a very wet past month – as in tons and tons of rain, we arent used to it. Mum and I loved it, it even snowed nearby in Santa Clarita, a first in 20 years. I pranced around in my yellow rain slicker most of December.

So while everyone is getting over being grumpy about the rain I thought I might share a story with a nice ending.

On top of the rain… which left us with a million pot holes, California is having a hard time financially like a lot of places. William McCain could be the poster board for the troubles people are going through. He lost his wife, his home, his computer, and finally his dog. He was hopping his dog around at friends backyards and saving all money he could to afford food but finally those options ran out. His dog was the last thing he had.

He took floppy to the shelter in Lancaster where it was his lucky day. A volunteer was there and just happened to video tape him dropping off floppy. He tells a tearful story about what a great dog he is, how he will love everyone and protect them too, and how he just hopes someone kind adopts him and loves him. Then he tearfully puts a cross around the dogs neck and gives him a kiss. This is where sometimes people are amazing. She uploaded the video online and kindness came pouring out where he did not expect it. One person offered to cover all of the dogs costs, boarding, food, vets, whatever he needs. Other offers included jobs, a computer, and countless other remarkable offers.

These people are my heros. People who takes some time, maybe some money, maybe a little love and help those in times they need and put their own problems behind them. Hero’s come in all shapes and sizes, two legs and four.

You can see the full story and a link to the video of William here, It’s a Wonderful Life, I hope it touches you the same way it touched us.

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