always and forever

typed with paws and fur, maggie…

my mum told me we will be together forever and ever. I believe her. Even though I’m a dog, I’m still a major portion of the family, as is my cat sister gizmo. When my mum was born, her dad said he hoped she would treat animals with as much respect as humans. And being an animal I can say I think he got more than he barined for. I sort of guessed it was like this for everyone. I know my friend Brandise gives her cat, Chairman Meow Jr loads of love too.

But then mum read me this story about how when a lot of people have children, the screaming kind not the barking kind, that they get rid of their pets. I could not believe that such a large amount of people do this.

This, here, is a very well written article from someone that loves her pets just as much as her screaming kids and about the others that don’t.

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