all fluffy

My mum surprised me today. When she came to pick me up from the groomers she brought my boyfriend wall-e along too!!! I was soo excited I could hardly do any tricks to show people… I never get stage fright ever!

Here is a picture of us in the store after I got fluffified.

Most dogs I know hate going to the groomers, I’m always surprised when they tell me that. I love to go, I even give my groomer a kiss right when I see her. I told wall-e he kinda smells bad and should probably go see Casi also. Casi is my groomer at healthy spot in West Hollywood, she does all sorts of fancy things to my hair. One time I had to be died white(er) for a commercial! And I was still wagging my tail when I left. We had some horro stories before Healthy spot, a few places even shaved me, I thought it was a bit colder but didn’t mind too much but mum was very very mad.

Anyways I wish all my doggy friends could meet Casi so that they would like getting hair cuts too. But then she my not have time to see me, that would be bad..really really bad. You don’t want to see me without a hair cut for a few months I turn into a velcro ball of sheep hair.

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