a present that will love you forever

In my house we celebrate hannukah and christmas, this may be confusing to some but to me it means even more presents!

So with Christmas approaching I wanted to remind everyone what a great gift us dogs … okay and other animals could be.  We are the gift that your special someone will never forget and truly adore. But before you buy someone a doggy, cat, iguana, or other spikey/crawly/tail wagging/meowing friend make sure that your loved one wants a pet and all the responsibility that comes with owning one. Unless you get them a beta fish,  they are pretty easy hehehe. But really, owning one of us is a big commitment that lasts longer that most presents and take up a lot of time.

But lets say you just made the greatest decision of your life… Your getting a dog!! Oh my gosh!! I am so so so happy for you, really I am. Please be responsible and do not buy from a  pet store or get a puppy mill dog.

Either ADOPT from a local shelter, from a local dog rescue, or go to a reputable breeder. If you are looking for a specific breed and don’t know where to go please contact my mum and she can put you in touch with a way to get a safe, healthy, loving best friend.

13,800 dogs are killed in shelters each DAY, please do not help this number grow by getting a dog from a pet store, they usually have severe physical and mental problems as well.

Burrrr, it’s cold outside…

With that in mind. If you want to help out some of these dogs but are not ready to own one, all the local shelters could use blankets, towels, sheets, and numerous other items such has markers, staplers and printer paper.

LA has been very very cold this winter as well as many other areas and dogs have been freezing and even have died due to the temperature, you could help lives by donating your old sheets and towels.  Stop by your local shelter, they will also give you a recept for a tax write off!

There is also this amazing company that is making a huge difference and has many drop off locations, please check out their site operation blankets of love.

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