… a labour of love…

As most of you know and quite possibly may be sick of hearing we are doing a book, on the amazing dogs that make peoples life’s a little bit easier, a little bit brighter, a little bit furrier, and a little bit more simple.  We are just two young girls that love dogs and love to work. But this project is a labour of love project, we have funded everything ourselves, from plane tickets, studio rentals, equipment, gas, sleep less nights of sending emails and going over paperwork. But don’t get me wrong we are not complaining, I would not take any of it back in a moment for it was all worth it to meet the amazing people we have met in person and online.

So recently when people were upset on our facebook page about the title ‘Please Don’t Pet Me’ in confusion with a blog we made an executive decision to change the title to Working Like A Dog, this too may change again… just stick with us. We did the research before this project started and are aware we could use this name still, but we came to the conclusion this is the path we prefer to take. This also means the therapy dogs will not need their own section in the book but can blend right in, as they should. This makes us happy.

We love taking you all along on our journeys with us, its been a bit of a roller coaster but it’s getting there. We love you all.

Thank you all so much for your support, we can’t wait to share this project with the world.


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