a goat makes a pawsome christmas gift

Oy, christmas is really soon… and I still haven’t got my mum a present (shh don’t tell her, please).  I’m was having a hard time thinking what to get my mum. So I started thinking about her favorite things.

Ever since my mum went to New Zealand to model she fell in love with Alpacas, if you ask me they look very strange but she seems to like them… a lot. I’ve always debated with the idea of getting my mum an alpaca named bob, it would live in our office.  But there’s a big problem with this plan, an animal like this that is my mum is obsessed with means he will be getting a lot of attention and the amount I get would drop drastically. I’m not okay with this.

Then everything clicked! My dad recently filmed a commercial for Oxfam America. What is oxfam you ask? An amazing charity! You can choose from a list of items to purchase and they go to people living in poverty that could really use them. These items change their lives for years to come. These items range from school uniforms to medical needs to pawsome animals. For example, you buy someone a cow… and this cow moooows the grass, provides food, milk, and other necessities .

And ta-da they have alpacas! And it’s a tax write off. So go buy someone a chicken and feed a family at the same time, it will make you feel warm and good inside.

Here is the amazing commercial, directed by Jeremy Goldberg, staring Anna Torv and a goat.

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